Robots4Autism is committed to transformational impact for individuals with Autism and other related social and emotional challenges.  Through effective partnerships with individuals, foundations and corporations, the activation of funding for school systems and other organizations to effectively utilize the Robots4Autism to achieve immediate and long term outcomes becomes a reality for learners with ASD, their families, and their communities.

In partnership with The Autism Society, the School Grant program is a way for individuals, foundations and corporations to participate in creating and sustaining impact.  Donations and gifts make Robots4Autism accessible in local schools as well as throughout the United States creating both the access and opportunity for results-based, evidence-based practices in social and emotional skill development for each learner with ASD.

With ASD learners, it is vital that they get real interventions that improve their ability to function. Robots4Autism is a cost effective approach that is much more effective than current practices.

As a result, the social and emotional behavior skills absolutely necessary for learners with ASD to have the access and opportunity to participate fully in an inclusive setting or the least restrictive learning environment (LRE) is now available.

The long term goal, as it is with all learners, is to participate fully in society and pursue a vocational career of their choosing.  Through providing the opportunity and access to Robots4Autism educators will have a powerful tool for use in teaching those with ASD, and learners with ASD will gain the confidence to interact with their peers and adults. As a result, many learners with ASD will make major advances that will allow them to engage and learn.


A humanoid robot that engages learners with Autism and delivers lessons with embedded evidenced -based practices that teach social emotional and behavior skills.


We’re honored that so many school districts and therapy centers use Robots4Autism to teach social skills to their students. Take a look at how just a few of them are using Milo the robot to increase the learning performance of students with autism.


The Robots4Autism curriculum and its delivery by Milo the robot is based on research and best practices that show that children with autism are often more comfortable and engaged with robots than when working with a human therapist alone.


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