Engaging learners with ASD, teaching valuable social skills

Many individuals with autism have difficulty interacting with humans and are uncomfortable using social skills with people. However, these same individuals are often less anxious and frequently enthusiastic about engaging with robots due to their inherent interest in technology.

The Robots4Autism™ program is designed to provide a comfortable, safe way for individuals with autism to learn and practice their social and communication skills. Using an expressive and interactive robot , individuals are increasingly more engaged than traditional methods. Learners working with a therapist and Milo the robot engage 70-80% of the time compared to just 3-10% of the time with traditional approaches.

The program provides additional opportunities where the individual with ASD is more receptive to learn and improve their social and communication skills.

Get Robots4Autism into Your School


A humanoid robot that engages learners with Autism and delivers lessons with embedded evidenced -based practices that teach social emotional and behavior skills.


We’re honored that so many school districts and therapy centers use Robots4Autism to teach social skills to their students. Take a look at how just a few of them are using Milo the robot to increase the learning performance of students with autism.

Nominate a School

In addition to purchasing Milo and Robots4Autism you can Nominate a School for Robots4Autism.
RoboKind can contact them and provide information about the research of Milo’s effectiveness in engaging learners with autism and teaching critical social skills.

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