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Informational Videos

See Milo in Action at Beaufort County School District

The Robots4Autism program is incredibly innovative because it utilizes a humanoid, social, facially expressive robot as a tool to help teach social, emotional, behavioral and communicative skills.  Over 1500 video vignettes and 1700 video supports are embedded in social narratives that combine…

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Hong Kong Apple Daily covers Milo

Milo’s expressive face and cute dances have caught the attention of Hong Kong’s news reporters. The latest in press mentions comes from HK Apple Daily who ran a spot on Milo during RoboKind’s visit to San Francisco. Pat Nicklen, Chief Product Officer at RoboKind, expressed the importance of Milo’s…

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Wisconsin Teachers Testimonials

Six weeks ago, two Milwaukee-area school districts added a new assistant to their Special Education classrooms.  These are the stories of their implementations and successes with their students. Want More Information? * = Required Name* First Last Email* I am a…*== Choose One…

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Poplar Grove Middle School, Franklin, TN

Milo, was donated to Poplar Grove Middle School where he’s helping children develop social skills After just a month, the kids call him their friend. Poplar Grove Middle is the first school in Tennessee to test Milo in the classroom.   Originally aired on News Channel 5 Want More…

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Rocky Bay, Perth, WA Australia

Rocky Bay is the first disability services provider in WA to pilot using a robot with facial expressions to help children living with autism. Milo is the latest new technology being used by Rocky Bay in support of children on the autism spectrum. From Rocky Bay, “The Milo trial is a very…

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Children’s Therapy Works (GA)

Children’s Therapy Works focuses on the continuing development of children until the Age of 21. Providing a variety of therapies and programs for people with special needs they added Robots4Autism and Milo to their program to better facilitate social and emotional learning with their clients…

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Situational Modules in the Robots4Autism Curriculum

Watch this 30 minute webinar for a closer look at the content of the Robots4Autism Situational Modules and how they help children with autism build and practice their social and behavioral skills.   Want More Information? * = Required Name* First Last Email* I am a…*== Choose One…

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Modules in the Robots4Autism Curriculum

Watch this three-minute video for an overview of the four modules that comprise the Robots4Autism curriculum—Introductory, Conversational, Situational and Emotional.   Want More Information? * = Required Name* First Last Email* I am a…*== Choose One ==Parent/RelativeTeacherSchool…

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