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We’re honored that so many school districts and therapy centers use Robots4Autism to teach social skills to their students. Take a look at how just a few of them are using Milo the robot to increase the learning performance of students with autism.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Joins Milo at Shady Lane Elementary

At Shady Lane Elementary in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel joined Logan Lucas, a student in the Robots4Autism program who has shown remarkable improvement since Milo joined Karen Richie’s special education class. Logan struggled to express his needs and was often…

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Success Story: West Vancouver, Canada, six weeks with Milo

It’s been six weeks since Milo joined Rebecca Vincent’s class and began to work with Vincent’s students. RoboKind touched base with Vincent, a Learning Support Teacher from West Vancouver, Canada, to learn about the impact Milo and Robots4Autism have had in her school. “I have had numerous…

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No town is too small, Milo in Piute County, Utah

KLS, a news station in Utah, is on a mission to recognize and understand small town struggles with poverty and education. During their journey through the state, KLS visited Piute County, which has a population of less than 2,000. Piute County is encouraging students to pursue higher education in…

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Milo helps Children in St. Charles School District 303

Kane Country Chronicle covers Milo’s work in Illinois with St. Charles school district 303. Milo assists several students between elementary and middle school with developing basic social awareness. During the Innovators in Education conference, Superintendent Don Schlomann learned about…

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Milo in the Wild: Dance Party in Vancouver, British Columbia

Rebecca Vincent, a teacher from Vancouver, British Columbia recently tweeted RoboKind about her student and Milo having a dance party after completing their first lesson together. Vincent’s student is one of several that work with Milo to learn social behaviors that individuals with Autism…

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Wisconsin Teachers Testimonials

Six weeks ago, two Milwaukee-area school districts added a new assistant to their Special Education classrooms.  These are the stories of their implementations and successes with their students. Want More Information? * = Required Name* First Last Email* I am a…*== Choose One…

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Poplar Grove Middle School, Franklin, TN

Milo, was donated to Poplar Grove Middle School where he’s helping children develop social skills After just a month, the kids call him their friend. Poplar Grove Middle is the first school in Tennessee to test Milo in the classroom.   Originally aired on News Channel 5 Want More…

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Rocky Bay, Perth, WA Australia

Rocky Bay is the first disability services provider in WA to pilot using a robot with facial expressions to help children living with autism. Milo is the latest new technology being used by Rocky Bay in support of children on the autism spectrum. From Rocky Bay, “The Milo trial is a very…

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