The Curriculum

The Next Generation of Intervention Tools

Therapists, educators, and para-professionals use Milo, Robots4Autism’s humanoid social robot, together with traditional intervention methods to help individuals with ASD reach their developmental goals. Innovative robot-generated instruction teaches social understanding and improves a learner’s ability to use social behaviors in natural contexts. The objectives of robot interventions include learning to pick up on emotions, express empathy, act more appropriately in social situations, self-motivate, and generalize in the population. The Robots4Autism curriculum is available for elementary and middle school. Robots4Autism is available on the iOS App Store.

Benefits of Robots4Autism

  • Designed around the academic and mechanical strengths of individuals with ASD
  • Quick engagement
  • Intrinsically motivates children to learn
  • Simple for facilitator and learner to use
  • Consistently delivered lessons – robots do not get frustrated
  • Produces observable increases in eye contact, body language and friendliness
  • Documents and records sessions for later review and inclusion in IEPs

Download the Robots4Autism Scope & Sequence.


Greetings, Talking, Resolving Problems


Identifying, Interpreting, Predicting, Acting Out, Responding


Meanings, Emotions, Interpretation

The Learner Experiences…

…a unique opportunity to interact with and learn from a social robot.

…consistently delivered lessons and increased opportunities to practice social interaction in a safe environment.

…unparalleled human-like expressions, gestural bodies, eye/face tracking and conversational artificial intelligence.

…using the accompanying tablet software, watch video of real life social situations.


Results with Milo

  • Self-regulation skill development
  • Decrease in disruption/inattentive behavior
  • Increase in time on task and opportunity to learn
  • Increase in generalization
  • Increase communication and social interaction