Using Technology for Better Results in ASD Classrooms

This infographic, “Using Technology for Better Results in ASD Classrooms,” details how technology can be an effective and transformative resource for ASD instruction, even as it significantly cuts the cost per student.

Without the right tools and early intervention, the communication and social-emotional development of ASD students can be stunted, leading to detachment, aggressive behavior, and frustration. Learners on the autism spectrum deserve every opportunity that mainstream students have to express themselves and thrive. Effective technology with comprehensive curriculum is the solution!

By using assistive and supplementary tech in ASD classrooms, teachers and paras can help ASD students:

  • Boost their confidence
  • Develop a capacity for social-emotional growth
  • Become competent in their curriculum
  • Reduce harmful behavior and promote healthy interactions with other humans


To learn more about the connection between effective technology and improving learning and connecting for ASD students, download the infographic today!