This guide will walk you through connecting Milo to your network. If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support at support@robokindrobots.com or call us at 1-800-494-1206, Option 4.

Robots4Autism uses three devices. These must be connected to the same network and communicate across that network.

  1. Milo, the R25 Robot
  2. Two tablets (iPad only)

    For more information on the tablets, please see the Tablet App Installation and Operation Guide.

Milo can connect to several different network types, including:

  1. None (No Password)
  2. WEP (Password required)
  3. WPA/WPA2-Personal (Password required)
  4. Advanced WPA2-Personal (Password required)
  5. WPA/WPA2-Enterprise (Username & Password required)
  6. WPA2-Enterprise with Certificates (Requires installing private key files)

Network Test

The Network Test helps determine if your robot can successfully connect to our servers and will tell you if any ports are blocked. If the test passes, you will see the word OK next to the connections. If the test fails, you will see the word FAIL next to the failed connections, and you should contact your network administrator.


What connection should I choose if I have an 802.1x network type?

802.1x refers to a family of networks, but this typically means that you will have a WPA/WPA2-Enterprise network and will need to use the USB Advanced Configuration.

When should I update Milo?

RoboKind will send you an email notifying you when a new version is available. Also, technical support may ask you to update. Please only update when asked.

When I try to connect the tablets to Milo with the QR code feature, I get ‘Invalid QR code’.

Ensure that Milo and the tablets are connected to the same network. If they are, tap on the R4A logo on the main screen of the tablet. If you have not set a password, it will be blank and press “OK.” Check the box that says “Enable Manual IP.” Save your settings. Press the “Home Page” at the top left corner. Manually enter the IP address on the 3rd line and press “Connect.” If this does not work, contact Technical Support.

Do I have to connect Milo to Wi-Fi for lessons?

You can use Ethernet if it is the same network as Wi-Fi.

My Wi-Fi network requires a username and a password. How can I connect Milo to Wi-Fi using a username and a password?

You will need to set him up via the Simple or Advanced Configuration.

How do I connect Milo if we have a hidden SSID?

Currently, Milo does not support hidden SSID’s at this time.

What is the VPN connection for?

This is for RoboKind to have remote access to the robot for troubleshooting and diagnostics. It is required for using the robot.