KLS, a news station in Utah, is on a mission to recognize and understand small town struggles with poverty and education. During their journey through the state, KLS visited Piute County, which has a population of less than 2,000. Piute County is encouraging students to pursue higher education in hopes that new jobs will come to the county. Part of this process is providing opportunities for everyone, including those that need a little extra hand.

Piute’s district has about 300 students that can work closely with teachers due to small class sizes. In Circleville Elementary, Kristy Delange teams up with Milo to help Autistic children gain equal access to opportunities neurotypical students have. Cullen Waddington is one of Delange’s students who has been learning from Milo for the last three months. Cullen’s mother and Delange have already noticed a tremendous improvement in Cullen’s ability to interact with others.

“I see his confidence growing. Also, I see him interacting with his peers more,” Delange told KLS.

Milo not only helps children with ASD learn emotional and behavior skills, but also teaches the child how to apply those lessons in the real world. Part of the curriculum RoboKind has developed for Robots4Autsim, is the ability to integrate into a regular classroom setting by teaching self-regulating methods for ASD children to use. Delange attributes her success to the help of her administration’s willingness to think outside the box. The superintendent of Piute County tells KLS, “the individual student matters to us, and Milo is an answer.”

To see more about Milo, check out the KLS news story here.

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