Rebecca Vincent, a teacher from Vancouver, British Columbia recently tweeted RoboKind about her student and Milo having a dance party after completing their first lesson together. Vincent’s student is one of several that work with Milo to learn social behaviors that individuals with Autism have difficulty displaying or understanding. This tweet comes just days after ITV News reported on Milo (or Zeno, as he is known in the UK) and his amazing progress with students at Queensmill school.

Teachers who utilize Milo in the classroom have reported their students’ remarkable improvements. Most children with Autism find it difficult to look a person in the face or hold meaningful interactions. Through unique lesson plans designed specifically for ASD, Milo helps children develop social skills that break the barrier. A mother recounts her son’s transformation from a shy boy to an outgoing kid on Today Tonight in Australia. During a family friend’s visit, Bailey Arnett greeted the friend. “He jumped in front and stuck his hand out and said ‘Hi! How’s it going?’ and he’s never done that before,” Emma Arnett told Today Tonight, “and that was just the wow moment we knew Milo was working.”

RoboKind looks forward to seeing Vincent’s student develop the same social awareness as Bailey. The company encourages educators to share their students’ stories with Milo on their social media pages on RoboKind’s Twitter, and Robots4Autism Facebook.


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