Kane Country Chronicle covers Milo’s work in Illinois with St. Charles school district 303. Milo assists several students between elementary and middle school with developing basic social awareness. During the Innovators in Education conference, Superintendent Don Schlomann learned about Robots4Autsim and Milo’s curriculum. He encouraged his department of instruction to approve Robots4Autsim despite their initial hesitance. Karen Maladra, associate director of interventions for St. Charles School District 303, said to Kane Country Chronicle, “Kids with autism are a rapidly rising population across the country, so we’re always looking for better ways to service them.” District 303 has 226 students on the autism spectrum, and autism is only on the rise with 1 in 68 people born being on the spectrum. When Maladra first started working with autistic children in the 1990s, it was 1 child in every 10,000. Maladra also stressed the importance of the calm down method that Milo teaches which helps an ASD learner self-regulate their behavior.

To read more about Milo and his work at St. Charles District 303, check out the Kane Country Chronicle.

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