Robots4Autism and Milo, the robot, are making their way across Dallas schools.

“Milo is a new tool teaching children with autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder how to work through social situations in the classroom,” Don Champion from CBS News reports.

Make no mistake, Milo is not a commodity. He is a tool created by RoboKind to ensure students with ASD acquire the social skills and appropriate emotional responses that will help them succeed in their academic and social environments.

“The goal is that they learn these social skills and are then able to interact with other people,”  Richard Margolin, the co-founder of RoboKind, explained.

Milo helps students with ASD through engaging them in non-overwhelming ways.

“Milo’s consistent speech patterns and behavior repetitions are key for children with autism,”Margolin told CBS’ Don Champion. “When you bring technology into it… it’s something they can engage with. It’s something that’s less overwhelming to them,” Margolin said.

Keenan, a first grader at KIPP Truth Academy is learning techniques that help him process his emotions.

“He’s using his words,” Katie Hill, the principal said. “He’s able to isolate what it is that he’s feeling or thinking.”

Milo is programmed with lessons and techniques that provide guidance for children with ASD.

Robots4Autism is working with students in 285 schools nationwide and intend to expand to 2,000 schools by the end of 2017.

Click here for more on this story : https://www.wcax.com/story/35202666/how-a-robot-is-helping-kids-with-autism

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