RoboKind and French company RoboCARE Lab leverage advanced social robotics to deliver proven autism curriculum and cognitive therapy to the French market

Dallas, TX (October 15, 2015) — RoboKind, a pioneer in the development of socially advanced robots, is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with RoboCARE Lab to include RoboKind’s autism and eldercare robot-delivered solutions in their PRESENCE+ services that use innovative new technologies to enhance the daily lives of humans with robot companions. The partnership expands RoboKind’s market reach into France, where RoboCARE Lab is headquartered.

Initially, RoboCARE Lab will include RoboKind’s humanoid robot, Milo, in RoboCARE Lab’s PRESENCE+ SENIOR solution to provide cognitive stimulation to adults in their later years. Edenis, a French retirement home operator, is working closely with RoboCARE Lab to run a pilot program in January 2016 and then plans to implement Robots4Seniors™ in 18 of their facilities. Milo delivers the Robots4Seniors activities including brain games, exercises, singing, and reading. Robots4Seniors increases memory function, boosts creativity, promotes focus and attention, encourages language skills, relieves stress, and reduces boredom for seniors.

“We are delighted about our partnership with RoboKind”, announced Dominique Blasco, RoboCARE Lab co- founder. “We’ve been looking for proven solutions, robust and easily adaptable to our local constraints, to deliver innovative services to our customers in France. Both RoboKind’s Robots4Autism™ and Robots4Seniors research-based programs fulfill our requirements.”

RoboCARE Labs will also be introducing Robots4Autism into its PRESENCE+ Autism solution. Robots4Autism is a research-based curriculum designed to improve the social and emotional skills of school age children with autism. Written as social stories, the Robots4Autism curriculum is delivered verbally by Milo who demonstrates appropriate social behavior and responses and provides children with the opportunity to practice their social skills in a safe environment. Milo is connected to a tablet where he can display multiple choice questions and show supporting text, images and video to enhance lessons.

“Robots4Autism and Robots4Seniors are having a significant impact on the quality of life for many children and adults in the United States,” shared RoboKind’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Fred Margolin. “We are excited that these innovative programs will now be available to people in France. RoboCARE Lab shares our commitment to using robots to improve the lives of humans.”

Following the initial launch of Robots4Autism and Robots4Seniors in France, RoboCARE Lab will introduce Milo to the Middle East market.

To learn more about Milo the humanoid robot and the Robots4Autism and Robots4Seniors solutions, please visit www.robokindrobots.com. More information about RoboCARE Lab and their PRESENCE+ solutions can be found at www.robocarelab.com.

About RoboKind

RoboKind, the world leader in social robotics, designs and builds humanoid robots that enable people to engage with robots on a personal level. Through the Robots4Autism and Robots4Seniors programs, RoboKind leverages these advanced social robots to supplement autism therapy, special education, and eldercare. RoboKind robots are the most life-like robots available. Their full range of facial expressions, natural social interaction and comprehensive curriculum are used by educators and caregivers to help children and adults learn, grow and thrive. For more information, visit www.robokindrobots.com.

About RoboCARE Lab  

RoboCARE Lab is a French company based in Toulouse. Member of the Pôle de compétitivité CANCER BIO SANTE (CBS), the RoboCARE Lab develops and commercializes PRESENCE+, a unified package of innovative services based on robotics and connected objects. RoboCARE Lab aims to provide solutions that use new technologies to improve the quality of lives on a daily basis. RoboCARE Lab’s main focus is to support the elderly and help develop personal fulfillment for children with autism. For more information visit www.robocarelab.com.

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