It seems that on the bottom of every toy and souvenir there is the classic, “made in china,” tag. For decades China has been the go-to country for mass production of the latest high tech gadgetry, but working with large corporations isn’t cutting it anymore. Instead, factories like Jetta Company Ltd. in Guangzhou, a city in southern China, is stepping away from big companies and lending a helping hand to the little man, entrepreneurs.

Bloomberg Technology’s Lulu Yelun Chen looks into why Chinese plants are working with the Startup community, who are going so far as to help fund production costs.  She also interviewed several startup companies to learn about what they look for when deciding which factory to go with. Richard Margolin, co-founder and CTO of RoboKind, gave Chen an inside look into what he considers when partnering with a plant.

“There are a lot of fly-by-night factories that will say yes to anything,” Margolin tells Chen. “What they can produce is a totally different story.”

Check out Bloomberg Technology’s Lulu Yelun Chen’s article, Chinese factories going it alone to build the next must-have device for more details on the unusual partnerships between Chinese factories and the startup community.

Opening picture, China’s Megafactories, from flickr Cory M. Grenier 

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