Just as the word ‘spectrum’suggests, every child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is different, with varying interests. Some ASD learners may be creative, others excel in computer sciences, and others may be interested in sports. One thing is for sure though, children with autism want to have friends. Building a community for children with ASD is no easy task when considering the social challenges children with ASD have, but it’s not impossible.

In the documentary, “Voices from the Outside,” which follows the non-profit organization Brooklyn Junior Autistic Golfers Academy (BJAGA), children with ASD are connecting and building a community.

“Through the experiences that these autistic children had at the BJAGA, they are able to take their perceptions and inner conversations and reshape them,” said Michael Russ, author of “Zero Adversity Training,” in the documentary.

The documentary hits on something else that is also important, and that is parents or guardians being proactive in finding resources that will help their child develop socially and emotionally. Through the BJAGA, the children are opening up and developing the social skills needed to connect with others, all the while doing it in an environment that is comfortable and fun.

Watch the documentary here on CNBC.com to learn more about BJAGA and the lives they’ve touched.

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