Superheroes are often presented as larger than life figures who give of their time and power to pull us up with helping hands. We, ever thankful, repay their generosity by striving to emulate their example, becoming even better than we ever thought we could be.

That was precisely the idea for the Live Learn & Play’s Superhero 5K for Autism 2017 run and 1-mile walk, recently held at Lehigh Parkway in Allentown. That Sunday morning was populated with some 600 participants of all ages; those with autism, those without, family and friends, proving that anyone can truly be a hero. Runners and walkers alike dawned capes and shirts with the iconic Batman and Superman emblems while other characters were equally represented, including Wonder Woman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Mighty Thor, and one 9 year old Captain America.

Organized by Live Learn & Play, a nonprofit established to support local families of children with autism and other special needs, the event, according to president and founder Jill VanKuren, was held to raise funds for the organizations services, which include the running of the Live Learn & Play Sensory Gym & Resource Center, while simultaneously bringing awareness and attention to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and providing children with autism and their families a fun and engaging event to take part in.

It’s this attention to interactivity and inclusivity that RoboKind wishes to bring to the classroom through the development of Milo. Designed around the academic and mechanical strengths of learners with ASD, Milo utilized quick engagement to intrinsically motivate children to learn, delivering lessons consistently without the potential for frustration that human educators may evoke.

For many children with autism, Milo can become another Superhero, working with parents and teachers to offer guidance and confidence. And in turn, children across the country can not only learn from their interaction with Milo, but they can learn from his example, using their interactions as a means to propel their future relationships and lives in positive, inclusive, productive ways. Milo can teach children to embrace the world around them and become more than they ever thought they could; becoming the superheroes of their own stories and lives.

For more on the Superhero 5k, visit mcall.com

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