Sometimes, in a two-hour-long movie, kids just can’t sit still.  Other moviegoers call the disruptive kid misbehaved. Outsiders call into question the parents’ ability to discipline their child without consideration that there may be a reason the child is acting out. In cases for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other special needs, loud noises and a dark unfamiliar environment might cause the child to respond negatively.

Thankfully movie theaters and other organizations across the country have taken into consideration the growing need for inclusive services and dedicated a day for children with special needs and their families to enjoy the latest entertainment. Sensory-friendly activities and special need screenings create a welcoming environment where no one complains if a kid walks around or talks during those emotional movie moments. Theaters, like Studio Movie Grill, usually keep the lights on and lower the volume to prevent sensory overload. Even traditional theaters, like Dallas Children’s Theater, have performances just for families with sensory sensitivity.

If you live in the DFW area, check out DFW Child for locations that have events for your family.

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