While summer camps traditionally bring to mind barbecues and dive boards, one group of students are having their fun in the sun by exploring the fields of Computer Science.

Children at Manor ISD’s ShadowGlen Elementary School have taken part in a number of programming and coding courses meant to encourage engagement with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related education, through the use of the Robots4STEM.

Developed by Dallas-based company RoboKind, the program was created to help students learn the basics of coding. Manor ISD’s Robotics Camp, which brought together an integrated group of students with and without autism, which is one example of the potential for Robots4STEM, demonstrating the benefits of including developmental courses for autistic students in schools that, in turn, simultaneously encourage STEM education.

“They’re not afraid of technology,” said Chad Green, RoboKind’s Regional Sales Manager. “And that’s the type of passion we want to help ignite with kids.”

Manor ISD Public Relations Director Scott Thomas shares in Green’s enthusiasm, believing the incorporation of these courses into children’s lives to be a great asset in the creation of their futures in these fields, which in turn can pave the way for technological and economic growth throughout the country, saying “we can actually set up these learners for lifelong success–for these important jobs at Apple–these important jobs at Google–that pay really well here in the Austin area.”

Based on the success of Manor ISD’s Robotics Camp, Robots4STEM is expected to be used on a rotation schedule district-wide throughout the forthcoming school year.

For more information on Robots4STEM, visit RoboKind’s website for the program here.

For more information about Manor ISD’s Robotics Camp, contact Director Thomas at scott.thomas@manorisd.net.

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