RoboKind took the world’s largest Startup event by storm. Richard Margolin, Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer, went head to head in a pitch battle against some of the best entrepreneurs to win LAUNCH Festival’s Best in Education.

Scouted last November by the Dallas IBM Startup Outreach program, Richard took on 20 of the top entrepreneurs companies in Dallas. His impressive pitch won the company a spot in the top 60 Startup quarterfinals. His winning streak didn’t stop there as RoboKind was selected among the top 10 to go to LAUNCH Festival where the top three gave their pitches to a panel of investors.

While Richard impressed with his pitch, Milo captivated convention goers. “We were very successful at this event in achieving what we set out to do, which was a lot of exposure,” Richard said RoboKind and Milo were a big hit at the convention. Milo’s expressive face and mission to help children with autism won the hearts of many.


“Certainly one of the most heartwarming talks of the festival,” Adeo Ressi of Founder Institute, told Richard after his turn on stage.

When Gigi Brisson of Attractor Ventures asked how big the market is for Milo, Richard revealed incredible numbers. He stated that 1.5 million children with autism were in school districts throughout the United States. Of those districts, RoboKind serviced 75 and were in a total of 200 schools. A market of this size might seem intimidating, but not for RoboKind, whose ultimate goal is to provide a world-class education for all regardless of disabilities, race, or status.

Check out Richard’s pitch below:

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