There has been a flurry of news coverage for Milo over the last few months. From places like Piute County, to London, England, the world has watched Milo open doors of opportunities for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In a united effort with the ASD community, RoboKind has made a product that is making a difference. Common Desk, a group dedicated to creating accessible co-working spaces in the Dallas area and beyond, has taken note of the incredible accomplishments by naming RoboKind as one of the 18 hottest startups in Dallas.

Each company has been recognized for their innovative solutions to real-world problems, or finding ways to arrogate information. RoboKind comes in at number 15 on the list along side Nosha, a meal packet of fruits and vegetables located in Oak Cliff, and Traxo, a company that helps build full travel packages located in downtown Dallas. Check out all 18 startups on the Common Desk blog.

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