GoUpstate.com posts a video of Milo at McCarthy Teszler School in South Carolina, the first school in its district to join Robots4Autism. In the video, Milo is working with a student demonstrating leave-taking, or goodbye. This is one of the modules that helps children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) develop the skill to look others in the eye. One characteristic of ASD is difficulties looking at others. Throughout Robots4Autism’s curriculum, ASD learners are repeatedly asked to look at Milo and then shown video examples of Milo’s ‘friends,’ to further reinforce the lesson. These lessons are displayed on smart devices for the student to interact with Milo.

In the video, Milo does not work alone. A teacher is present and encourages the student to follow directions or help solve questions. Robots4Autism wasn’t designed to replace practitioners. Instead, he works with teachers, therapists, and specialists, to help lay a foundation for children with autism to connect with others.

As “The best way to think about Milo is a bridge between our world and their world,” Kylie McKinney tells Goupstate.com. “They’re sometimes so entranced in technology, but Milo draws their attention up to him.”

It is important that teachers and Milo work in tandem to successfully reach ASD learners to establish confidence that can transfer to working with others.

Watch the video of Milo on Goupstate.com

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