Milo’s expressive face and cute dances have caught the attention of Hong Kong’s news reporters. The latest in press mentions comes from HK Apple Daily who ran a spot on Milo during RoboKind’s visit to San Francisco. Pat Nicklen, Chief Product Officer at RoboKind, expressed the importance of Milo’s Calm Down lessons to help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) learn how to self-regulate their behavior. Children with ASD receive and process information differently and do not always know how to handle the stimuli, which often leads to meltdowns. Milo’s Calm Down lessons give ASD learners three methods to use, countdown, squeeze a stress ball, or take deep breaths. These techniques have proven to be successful and are one of the lessons that teachers who work with Milo, consider to be one of the most important lessons in Milo’s curriculum. The Calm Down methods have helped ASD learners join their peers in classes and reestablish relationships with parents.

Watch the HK Apple Daily video here

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