Disruptor Daily, an online publication that covers the latest innovations by companies, founders, and more, listed RoboKind among the Top 10 Disruptive Companies in Dallas. First on the list, Disruptor Daily gives a brief introduction to RoboKind’s R25, an expressive robot also known as Milo and Jett. Milo is the face of RoboKind’s Robots4Autism, which teaches children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) how to identify facial expressions using his fully-articulate, emotive face. His curriculum is comprised of basic social interactions and self-regulation techniques, such as the Calm Down methods, which help ASD learners integrate into a class setting with their peers.

Jett teams up with Robots4STEM, a program created to teach children, as early as 3rd grade and late as high school, the basics of computer science. In conjunction with Jett, RoboKind developed a visual drag-and-drop coding language called JettLingo that is used to program a digital avatar of Jett. Robots4STEM has pre-planned lesson for teachers, who may not already be trained in computer science, to use. Disruptor Daily credits RoboKind with shaking up the education industry with cost-effective and proven solutions to education for ASD and STEM.

Check out Disruptor Daily Top 10 Disruptive Companies in Dallas for more.

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