Closing The Gap, an online publication showcasing the latest in assistive technology, recently ran a featured piece on Milo and the Robots4Autism program. The article highlighted many of the benefits that RoboKind’s incredible product provides for children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The Robots4Autism program targets the known challenges that people with ASD face with social interaction, emotional understanding, and self-regulation. The curriculum targets these areas with the help of Milo, a socially advanced robot, whose expressive face helps ASD students learn facial expression. Through a series of interactive tablet lessons and Milo’s 20% slower speech, ASD learners can practice communication, develop techniques to help keep control of their emotional responses, and learn how to react properly in different situations.

The program has seen great success with schools that have added Milo to their teaching staff. A school in Wisconsin gave testimony to the remarkable changes their ASD students went through. From non-verbal to holding limited conversations, from constant meltdowns to conducting themselves correctly in social standings, which has helped previously isolated students become social butterflies. Students with autism are shown to engage Milo 80 percent of the time, more often than the 30 percent of the time they engage with teachers. Within months, students are able to join normal classroom settings with improved academic learning as opposed to a decade of therapy that shows few results.

 As Milo continues to make headlines, more and more learning institutions around the world are stepping forward to include Robots4Autism into their special education curriculum.

To see more on Closing The Gap article, visit their website.

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