Meet The Team

Meet the team: Josh Jach, Senior Director of Engineering

Josh Jach is the Senior Director of Engineering at RoboKind. Josh has been interested in engineering since a young age. His first foray into robotics came from Legos Mindstorms, where he learned the basics of engineering and programming. After graduating from UT Arlington with a degree in mechanical engineering, where he attended at the same time as the co-founder Richard Margolin, Josh interned for General Motors, and worked shortly at Nuclear Logistics. However, the work he did at General Motors and Nuclear Logistics did not fulfill his passion for engineering. When RoboKind approached him to help develop the first prototypes of Milo, Josh signed up as their electrical engineer. Over the course of the project, he began to working on the hardware for Milo and has since become part of the senior management team at RoboKind. “The work that they’re doing is really interesting. A…

Meet the Team: Justin Holder, Manager: Content Development

Justin Holder is the Manager of Content Development at RoboKind. He, like several others on the team, graduated from University of Texas at Dallas. He worked a number of retail jobs and had a short contract with Gearbox Software, before being brought on to the team. His first work with RoboKind was repairing the robots, but wasn’t what he wanted to do. He kept an eye out for ways that he could help the team and company grow. As Milo started to look more viable as an option that could help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Justin took on the task of managing the curriculum that Milo delivers. “It was something that needed to be done, and everybody else had their hands full.” Designing behavioral lesson plans for children with ASD Before RoboKind, Justin did not have any experience with developing lesson plans for children. His first challenge was to understand the needs of…

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