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Meet the Team: Fred Margolin

Fred Margolin is a serial entrepreneur who has created several companies in the insurance and finance field. With his experience, he helped develop RoboKind’s business plan, and financed the company’s first venture. He also contributed to bringing the cost of building Milo down from $20,000 to close to $5,000. Now, he helps RoboKind develop marketing strategies and provides the right information to the public about the benefits their products offers. Instead of pushing the technological advances that Milo and RoboKind bring, they focus on the benefits Milo offers and the impact he has on children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). “I saw these robots had phenomenal potential to be a product worthy for schools as a platform to create a connection with human beings, if they were used right.” Why did he start RoboKind? Fred saw several robotic products on the consumer market that he…

Meet the Team: Richard Margolin

Richard Margolin is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of RoboKind. He attended Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut, and the University of Texas at Arlington. He is no stranger to startups, having started many different companies before RoboKind. “Everything I’ve ever been interested in as a hobby or a little artistic venture became a company.” Richard was involved with several different projects over the years. Just to name a few, he helped develop purification methods for carbon nanotubes, worked in genetics on the Human Genome Project at the UT Southwestern Bioinformatics Lab, and has worked as the Engineering Director at Hanson Robotics. Why did he start RoboKind? “I saw a lot of research at the university level that showed that robots could be really good in autism and education generally.” During his tour with Hanson Robotics, Richard came across studies that…

Welcome to the R4A Developers’ Blog

Robots4Autism would not be possible without the continuous work of the developers and our private and public partners to ensure that we are able to best assist those with ASD.  This blog is where visitors can find information on new tech updates and features made to the website, the curriculum, and Milo along with information about apps and firmware upgrades that enhance and improve the overall experience.  This is a place to learn about future developments and the goals that those of us behind Robots4Autism have to help those with ASD better experience, understand, and communicate with the world around them.