Donate Robots4Autism — put Milo inTO a school near you!

Milo is an advanced tool that teaches social and behavioral skills to learners with ASD. Donating is the best way to put this incredible learning tool in schools! Donate Now!


The Robots4Autism School Grant Program has been created by the Autism Society as an easy way for people and organizations to donate funds that can be used to provide the Robots4Autism program to schools all over the country.

Individuals, families, businesses, corporations, or foundations can make tax-deductible gifts that the Autism Society will make available to schools and school systems. If you want your donation to go to a specific school, you can identify that organization as the one to receive your gift. The funds will be used by the school to purchase Milo, the humanoid robot, and implement the Robots4Autism program.

Schools and school systems may apply for the Robots4Autism School Grant Program through the Autism Society website. Once an application is submitted, it will be reviewed by Autism Society personnel and processed. Approved grants will be awarded based on the availability of funds needed to meet the grant request.

The Autism Society is not able to accept grant applications directly from individuals or families.


Milo was developed by RoboKind, a leader in facial robotics technology. Their invention connects with students like no other tool can. For students with autism, Milo is the ultimate teacher. Milo speaks slowly and patiently, helping student’s attention focus jump from 3% to 87%.

Each robot can help up to 20 students! Your donation will help get Milo into schools.


Help us get to 1000!


“Milo caught his attention right away. He actually looked forward to school because he gets to hang out with his new robofriend.” – Sherry Mills