Jordan Firn is a Sales Representative who works directly out of the RoboKind home office in downtown Dallas, Texas. Before joining the company, Jordan was in the Army for five years before transitioning to product management with a terracotta architectural firm. He was introduced to the team by the chief operating officer of RoboKind Greg Firn. Jordan was immediately taken by the company’s vision and mission to help children on the spectrum.

“At first glance, it just seemed very interesting, and also I like to expand my knowledge and to work with special needs children and the technology field.”

The challenges of joining a startup

Joining a company that is creating a product for a unique group can be intimidating for some, but Jordan, however, saw an opportunity to gain new knowledge while helping others.  Robots4Autism and Robots4STEM offer solutions for schools and therapists, which need to be represented correctly. It requires understanding, not just the products, but also the inside and outside of the business. As Jordan learns more about RoboKind, he also looks for opportunities to better the company’s community outreach.

“This is a legit product. It’s not a front. This really helps people.”

The WOW moment

It’s one thing for a company to say a product works; it’s another to show it. Over the years RoboKind has collected video and verbal success stories of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) transformation into active participants in social settings such as school.  More than a few stories bring tears and smiles to the eyes of the team, Jordan is no exception to rule.

“One story from Australia was really interesting because the learner went from being not socially able to interact and biting people because he didn’t know how to respond to, to being almost full-range, socially acceptable, and working very well with other kids and his parents.”

Jordan’s future plans

The biggest challenge that RoboKind faces are getting Robots4Autism and Robots4STEM into schools. Jordan’s current work is to identify the ways to approach different audiences from a sales perspective. He is also working with the Chief Operating Officer to develop community outreach programs that would include volunteer representatives.

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