Jeff Goodman is the Manager of Sales Operations at RoboKind, who handles many of the internal projects. Jeff has known Richard, the co-founder of RoboKind, since high school, and joined RoboKind after seeing the remarkable success Robots4Autism has had in autism therapy. He graduated from Rollins College with a Bachelor of Arts and Economics and then went for his MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship from Southern Methodist University. Jeff brought his experience as a finance, sales, and operations manager to RoboKind to help set up internal and external support for customers.

“This is a new industry in a way. We don’t really have a model of where this is going to go, things are always changing.”

The challenge of joining a one of a kind startup

RoboKind has created two products, Robots4Autism and Robots4STEM, which are designed to give the next generation a step up in educational opportunities. Milo’s charming smile is only half of RoboKind’s success, the other comes from a team bonded together by creating the best technology they can, and to do that RoboKind works closely with their clients and experts. Jeff makes sure that the day to day operations run smoothly. He also assists with reviewing feedback from customers, and solves business issues to ensure a positive image for the company.

“Every day there’s something new, that’s for sure. I like solving problems. I think everybody does.”

The Wow Moment

RoboKind works with several autistic centers and schools to provide children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) a better education than traditional therapy. The media has been flooded with Robots4Autism success stories. Realizing the impact that Milo has and the tremendous improvements of ASD learners in emotional, social, and educational skills is evidence that RoboKind is making a difference to improve lives.  For Jeff, this is proof and a driving force behind his team’s continued efforts to improve on client relations and find better business solutions to help RoboKind’s diverse team move in the same direction.

“I like helping people, and I know this works. It’s not hard to wake up in the morning to come to the office.”

Jeff’s future plans

As RoboKind’s business grows, all sorts of new challenges pop up and new employees are added. Jeff’s current focus is to strength communication between the different departments, improve the customer service process, and manage a dozen other tasks. With the launch of Robots4STEM, a whole new group of customers’ need to be serviced, and feedback reviewed to ensure the success of the new program.

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