Robots4Autism Overview

Introducing Milo, a humanoid robot that engages students with autism and delivers research-based lessons that demonstrate appropriate social behaviors.

Students love Milo. He can smile, laugh, walk, and speak. Most amazing of all, he’s really good at helping students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) develop and practice critical social skills.

Robots4AutismTM Incorporates Evidence Based Practices

Robots4Autism integrates a variety of evidence based practices shown to improve social skills in students with autism (tools most of us are already using), packaged together in a highly systematic way, and delivered using Milo. Partnering a humanoid robot with a social and emotional curriculum provides a tool for evidence based practices to “unpack” social skills for students with autism.

  • Robots as technology aided instruction
  • Social narratives
  • Video modeling
  • Visual supports (picture symbol icons)
  • Natural modeling
  • Prompting verbal and visual
  • Reinforcement of target behaviors
  • Social skills training